Please Note: 

  • Hair MUST be securely up and out of the dancer’s face. Hair in the face is very distracting to 
    both the dancer and the teacher. It also prevents the teacher from seeing proper alignment of 
    the head, neck, and shoulders. Please put extra ponytail holders in your dancer’s bag! 

  • Please put your dancer’s name on your things. 
  • No Jewelry
  • No Jeans
  • No Dresses

Remember: You wouldn’t wear tights and a leotard to basketball practice, 
please don’t wear basketball shorts and baggy t-shirts to ballet or jazz class.

Why do we have a dress code?
Instructors need to be able to see students’ arms, legs, hip and knee joints, and muscles to insure proper movements are being made, to prevent injury, and to give proper correction to form. Dance styles have different dress codes to bring out the best in that dance style. Instructors have permission to make changes to the dress code as they feel necessary through the year.

Dancers should also wear proper outside wear- (Jackets/Warmups/sweats) in colder months or to keep the body warm before they begin dance class.

2017/18 DRESS CODE:

  • Youth Combo Classes: Leotard, tights, shorts - Ballet Slippers or Jazz Shoes and Tap Shoes
  • Ballet/Lyrical: Leotard, Tights, skirt or shorts w/ canvas or leather ballet slippers and leather lyrical shoes. Pre-pointe/Pointe: Black leotard, Tights, w/ canvas or leather ballet slippers and pointe shoes upon approval
  • Jazz: Leotard, Tights, shorts or jazz pants w/ jazz slippers (prefer tan jazz shoes)
  • Tap: Leotard, Tights, shorts or jazz pants w/ tap shoes
  • Hip Hop: Leotard, Tank Top, Shorts, Pants,. w/ Clean Tennis shoes
  • Pom: Leotard, Tights, shorts or jazz pants w/ Clean Tennis shoes
  • Tumbling: Leotard, no tights, no shoes NO TSHIRTS or loose clothing!
  • Boys- any class: Form Fitting Top and Black Athletic Shorts. - Proper Shoes

SHOWSTARZ: Black leotard to rehearsal classes- proper shoes. Color will vary by routine.