2018-2019 Season Pricing
(Multiple class & Family Discounts Apply)

Unlimited Classes:
​1 Dancer = $150  / 2 Dancer = $240 /  3 Dancers = $320


  • $20 Recital fee is due by Feb. 1 to perform in our spring recital.

  • During Costume Years (Odd numbers): Costume Fees are charged Nov. 1
    (Half due Nov. 15 Remainder Due Dec. 15)

Class Tuition & Fees

# Classes




Registration: $20 per student; $30 per family (Due annually at registration)

Tuition Payments:
Tuition is due the first week of each month. A $10 late fee is automatically posted to your account if tuition is not received by 12 pm on the 15th. You may pay in the studio by check or cash, or pay online through the website. The studio charges a $20.00 returned check fee. 

Tuition is based on an average of 33 dance classes or experiences, including but not limited to, weekly class, studio activities, community performances, photoshoot day, rehearsals, and recital. Tuition is no pro-rated for partial months. Tuition is divided by 9 monthly payments. Multiple class and family discounts are available. Tuition may be paid by the season at a 5% discount.

Dropping/Changing Class:
Need to drop a class, add a class, or switch classes?
 Written or email notice is required by the 20 of the month to avoid being charged tuition for the following month.  This allows us time to offer that class space to another student. Students will be charged monthly tuition until written notice is given to drop class. Any dancer that doesn’t attend class for 2 months will be dropped from the roster, however the unpaid tuition will still be due.

Our studio does offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
We believe in our dance studio and our instructors. Guarantee is available one time, and is open to new dancers in their first calendar month. If your dancer decides during his or her first month that dance is not for them- We’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee. You have to promise us that you’ll keep us posted along the way if they are “not feeling it.” We can always try a different dance style, or it may be just a quick conversation that clears up any concerns. We cannot honor the refund for a dancer that stops showing up without notice.

Aside from the previous mentioned offer- No refunds will be given for snow days, holidays, or other missed classes. Contact the instructor or studio for opportunities to attend makeup classes. Registration, costume fees, and recital fees are non-refundable. Costumes will only be given to dancers that perform in the recital.

Any dancer that drops from classes or the studio will forfeit any costumes or fees they have previously paid.